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Our Brand

The Brow Suga was created to provide fashionable tools to empower entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. Those starting a beauty business often struggle in the beginning to grow their clientele.
New and creative ways to market and build a brand is a necessity. What better way to grow clientele base than through face-to-face conversations? That is how our own brand was born!

In 2017 The Brow Suga was launched to help artists showcase and market their artistry through their fashion and style. When wearing Brow Suga you will display your passion for beauty and turn
a few heads as well. Our custom pieces, designed with you in mind, are eye-catching and make excellent conversation starters. Those conversations lead to marketing opportunities to sell your
artistry. Our products get you the attention and create the perfect opportunity to close the deal! Pull out a business card or your social media to tell your story, share your product, and
promote your business.

Brow Suga shows your love for the Beauty and Fashion industry while making you look great. Our customers feel confident wearing Brow Suga knowing that it will help to build their own customer
base. Get your Brow Suga favorite today and be prepared to be complimented, grow your business, and become a know Fashionista!

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